​​ Administrative Support for Researchers 
The MRC Research Office  provides administrative support to researchers seeking internal and external funding and guidance for research design, advice on research ethics and compliance and guidance for researchers, to facilitate the uncomplicated processing of a research proposal.

The Medical Research Center encourages and fosters research at HMC. The health needs of the community in Qatar are identified by our researchers through their own research projects which are conducted with our assistance. 

The areas which are already well researched and those that require further research are identified by our researchers. Research proposals are prepared by them, based on the health needs of the patients and the community. 

So planning is all important for every research project. The staff of the MRC are involved in the planning and conceiving of each ethically approved research at our organization.

We, the staff of the Medical Research Centre (MRC) are associated with researchers and a research proposal, right from its conception to its culmination. 

Research ideas, questions and hypotheses are brought to us in their embryonic stage by our researchers and we help them to create research proposals that are feasible, interesting to the scientific community, novel, ethical and relevant to global health. The end result is a well written proposal, truly meriting our institution. These proposals are submitted to our administrative office, from there they are processed. Each proposal goes through a stage of internal review during which the proposals are assessed for their completeness, their language of presentation, clarity of ideas and other issues. After the internal review, proposals which have been found to be complete are sent for approval to the Research Committee. Some proposals are set apart for a process of external review by subject experts who could be from within the institution or from outside. In rare cases, the incomplete proposals are sent back to the investigators for filling up missing details. All these procedures require dedicated and concentrated work, which is eminently done by our staff. Recipients of these services (our researchers) have praised the our department for its active and sustained mentoring.

In addition to the research funding, the Medical Research Center (MRC) :

Provides guidance, material and manpower help, statistical consultation and assistance with data analysis, result interpretation and editorial help to researchers so that their projects reach their rightful end - published research. 

Grants incentives to researchers for the presentation and publication of their research work. 

Awards cash prizes and certificates for the best published research work each year.