Step 1: Preparation and submission of the research proposal 

A complete Research proposal submission form fully filled and signed at the appropriate spaces by the concerned investigators’ submitted to the Medical Research Center as hard copy is absolutely essential for the start of the processing of a research proposal. ​


1) Only Research Proposals typed on the latest template of the Research Proposal Submission form available on the intranet site of the Medical Research Center will be considered for further processing. Incompletely filled research proposal submission forms are likely to be sent back to the Principal Investigator for completion.

2) A Research Proposal number is assigned by the administrative office of the Medical Research Center is necessary for further processing and correspondence regarding the research proposal. .

Step 2: The initial screening of a research proposal (internal review)
1) Every submitted research proposal (complete or incomplete) is subjected to an initial screening process by the department of Medical Research(MRC). There are internal reviewers appointed by the MRC, to scrutinize each submitted proposal as soon as it is submitted. Any additional documents required, modifications, amendments etc.., will be intimated to the researchers by the MRC. Researchers are expected to respond to the requirements of the initial reviewers as soon as possible for further processing of their proposals. 
2) If the proposals are completely submitted, then they can be further processed. 

Step 3: The external review process 
1) On occasion, the research proposal is sent to experts in the field of the research for a complete review of the proposal. This review will include an assessment of the scientific merit of the proposal, its feasibility and its ethical aspects. 
2) The reviewer’s comments will be sent to the researchers as soon as they are received in the MRC. 
3) The researchers are expected to modify their proposal based on the suggestions or modifications suggested by the reviewers’ and send their revised proposals to the MRC. 
4) The modified proposals will be sent back to the reviewers’ for their assessment and if the revisions are found satisfactory, the reviewers will intimate the Chairman of the Research Committee of the same. 

Step 4: The approval process 
1) Complete research proposals especially those that pose minimal risk to the participants , by sound research design and methodology, can be approved through a process of expedited review by the Chairman of the Research Committee at HMC. 
2) Researches that pose more than minimal risk will be reviewed by the Research Committee at HMC and will be approved only by their acquiescence. 
3) If any further modifications or clarifications are needed from the investigators, the Research Committee, will do so and the proposal can be approved after this process is satisfactorily completed. 
4) All researches that are approved will be intimated to the investigators by an approval letter signed by the chairman of the Research Committee or an authorized representative. 

Step 5: The collection of the approval letter
1) The approval letter will contain the date of approval of the research. 
2) All researches are approved for a period of one year only at HMC. No research can be conducted or participants recruited in HMC once the ethical approval has expired. 
3) The principal investigator is expected to collect the approval letter in person from the Administrative office of the Medical Research Center.
4) The PI will be given the approval letter only if the PI signs a document at the MRC indicating that he would be responsible for the conduct of the research and acquiescence with the policies and regulations of the Research committee at HMC , following the protocol, and for the welfare of the study participants at all times.