​The Department of Medical Education offers Qatari doctors working at Hamad Medical Corporation the opportunity to carry out their postgraduate training at prestigious medical centers and universities abroad. 

The Scholarship Program managed by the Medical Education Department is aligned with the HR scholarship by-laws at HMC and the government scholarship by-laws. Whether applying for a long-term postgraduate training program or a short-term training program, Qatari doctors will receive full financial sponsorship by HMC to complete their training abroad. 

Before proceeding with the training abroad, doctors are required to sign an agreement of commitment to return to HMC upon completion of their training and return to Qatar. 

HMC has entered into training agreements with several prestigious medical universities and hospitals in Canada and Europe such as Toronto University, Western Ontario, McGill University and Calgary. 

Qatari doctors interested in pursuing their training abroad must apply to the universities and comply with their admission requirements.
To learn more about the scholarship program, please contacts Ms. Sahar Yousef at the Medical Education Office on 4439 1738 / 1739.