The Residents Council which was formed in November 2009 is a forum for HMC interns, residents and chief residents to meet and openly discuss issues and concerns related to their training and working environment. The Resident Council consists of an elected chairperson and two vice chairs. Resident Council members must ensure that HMC residents actively participate in departmental committees such as mortality and morbidity, infection control, patient safety, quality improvement, research committees, medical records, medical errors and institutional committees such as the Graduate Medical Education Committee whose actions affect their education, training and patient care. They represent the interns and residents in the activities and decisions of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, its sub- committee, and the HMC Hospitals Standing Committee. 

The Resident Council meets at least quarterly or whenever the GMEC Chairperson or Resident Council Chairperson calls for an emergency meeting. 

Discussions and proceedings from the Residents Council meetings are documented and minutes are presented as a formal report to the GME Committee and are distributed to all the residents in hard copy, through an email distribution list and on MedHub.​