​​GMEC created this committee in 2011 to oversee and monitor the functions and outcomes of internal review program committees instigated by the Graduate Medical Education Office. The committee is chaired by Dr. Ahmad Al Mohammad, Program Director of Internal Medicine Residency Programs, reporting to the Designated Institutional Official (DIO)  and GME Committee. Members of the committee include an associate DIO, program directors from the core residency training programs and GME administrators. The committee usually meets after the Internal Review Program Committee submits its final report for review and then raises recommendations and action plans to the DIO. 

The GME Office created an Internal Review Program Committee which is responsible for reviewing individual residency training programs applying for ACGME International LLC accreditation. The Internal Review Committee structure must include at least one program director, one faculty member, one resident from outside the residency program that is being reviewed and one administrator from within the institution. 

The Internal Review Program Committee should assess each GME program at HMC in compliance with the ACGME International LLC institutional, foundational and advanced specialty program requirements. The reviewers’ process consists of interviewing faculty and residents from the appraised program, appraising educational objectives and duty hours as well as the effectiveness of the program and the availability of educational and financial resources and GME policies. The Internal Review Committee may also review previous accreditation notification letters and ensure that the program has effectively addressed areas of non-compliance, developed action plans to respond to the citations and implemented the expected educational outcomes for program improvement.​