Updates from Medical Education

HMC’s Medical Education offers a comprehensive range of graduate medical education programs and continuing professional development (CPD) activities each year. We strive to ensure that the students, interns, fellows and healthcare professionals have access to the very latest knowledge and best practice, whatever the stage of their career. We are also here to support our staff in achieving their annual CPD credits which are required for renewal of their license to practice.

All CPD activities are accredited by the Ministry of Public Health Department of Health Professions Accreditation Section (MoPH-DHP-AS). There is a full calendar of activities currently on offer locally at affordable registration fees, many of which feature internationally renowned experts. 

For more information on upcoming, local, Qatar-based CPD activities, please visit: All Events EventsCalendar (

We also recognize that some learning needs must be met outside of Qatar. In this respect, please be aware of the following important information:

  • According to MoPH-DHP-AS, healthcare practitioners can attend overseas CPD activity, however, for a CPD activity to be recognized by MoPH-DHP-AS and for the completed credits to be uploaded in the CPD ePortfolio, the CPD activity has to be:
  1. Accredited by DHP-AS or a DHP accredited CPD provider. This applies for face-to-face or online activities taking place inside the state of Qatar.
  2. Accredited by an international CPD accreditation organization recognized by the DHP-AS. This applies for face-to-face or online activities taking place outside the state of Qatar.

 For more information, please refer to the Circular (1-2022) - Participation in CPD Activities Developed Outside the State of Qatar which also includes the “CPD Activities Developed Outside the State of Qatar” policy and the “Lists of International CPD Accreditation Bodies Recognized By DHP-AS”.

  • As the purpose of DHP’s requirement is to ensure high quality, credible learning, HMC’s Medical Education Department fully supports DHP’s policy pertaining to CPD and the list of accrediting bodies that they recognize.

Please note that Medical Education will only consider applications for funding to participate in international learning activities that meet the criteria in DHP’s policy.

We thank you for your understanding and support.


Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal
Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Medical Education