Research will play a pivotal role in the Academic Health System. A particular focus of the partnership is upon transforming the practice and delivery of healthcare through high quality multi-disciplinary research programs and integrating education and research in the routine delivery of clinical care. Qatar’s diverse and rapidly growing population faces a number of unique healthcare challenges including an increasing prevalence of chronic disease and those linked to lifestyle and behavior, some of which is driven by economic, cultural and social disparities. These include an increasing incidence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, congenital disorders, trauma (particularly related to road traffic accidents) and certain types of cancer. 

The AHS will be able to address Qatar’s complex healthcare challenges through collaborative research, education, community engagement and the pursuit of innovative solutions. In part, this will be achieved by fostering, supporting and developing translational research across HMC and our partnership network. 

Often referred to as 'bench to bedside' research, translational research bridges the gap between basic and applied research, and seeks to rapidly translate research discoveries into practical applications. From a clinical perspective, translational research creates a dialogue between basic scientists and clinical researchers, generating a cycle that results in new treatment and assessment tools for use with patients and novel discoveries about the nature and progression of disease.