Use the link provided to fill out the details of the innovation. Please pay particular attention to explaining the idea as if you are addressing lay persons about your invention. The most effort should be given to why the invention benefits patients and why existing solutions are inadequate, as well as to describe the activities/steps that you are going to take to develop the idea into a prototype. 

Criteria for success are: 

1. Novelty 
  • The idea is new and there is no mention in current literature, nor is it part of existing publicly available knowledge (prior-art)
  • The idea must somehow be different from all published articles, known techniques, and marketed products
2. Industrial Applicability 
  • The idea must be useful which provides some identifiable benefit and being capable of use by clinicians
3. Feasibility and Market Potential
  • Must be able to be produced with current technology 
  • Must meet need of patients or healthcare providers that are currently unmet

Funding Award Restrictions 

  • Funding award up to maximum of 200,000.00 QAR for each idea that can demonstrate a clear link to patient care. The funding will not be transferred to the inventor/team but will be used for procuring the equipment or services needed to develop the prototype. The funds will be unlocked at each stage of innovation depending on the progress of the idea. 
  • The cost regarding the protecting of the idea through a patent application is excluded from the project. AHS Innovation Office will bear the costs of protection if and when necessary.
  • This funding will support only for operational requirements and cannot cost for hiring employees, overtime nor incentive payments. 
  • Be aware that a financial assessment of the funding will be done on the post award stage. The funding will be used only to further develop your awarded innovation and not any other goal or innovation.
  • Please be aware also that if financial regulations from HMC Finance and Accounting change during the development of your invention, AHS Innovation Office may have to restrict your budget too.
  • For Joint Applications:
    - The Lead applicant must be an HMC employee. 
    - A letter of support by the appropriate AHS Partner Department Head is required. 
    - Provisions regarding IP ownership are as follows; HMC IP Policy applies fully and HMC claims 100% of the IP rights. If the invention gets to commercialization stage, revenue sharing between HMC and all inventors is 50-50. The invention team should arrange the appropriate revenue sharing division among the team members for themselves.
    - Transferring funds to AHS Partners is not permitted.  
    - Transferring equipment (temporarily), data and material to AHS partners is permitted depending on MRC approval of the transfer agreement.


  • Incomplete applications will not be considered, and are therefore not eligible for funding.
  • If a proposal is deemed to require research to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficacy of the idea then the applicant will be required to obtain research (ethics) approval for all clinical research prior to initiation of the research. 
  • All ideas of patentable or commercial value will be expected to adhere to the HMC IP policy. 


  • A meeting with the innovator will be set up to review the project deliverables and determine the budget in details.  
  • AHS Office can arrange industry expertise and patent advice if required for the development of the innovation. 
  • Legal support to protect IP-rights is involved.