Tinithamol Joseph, BSN, RN 

Tinithamol Joseph, BSN, RN started her career in Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), a world-class health care organization in Qatar, as a staff nurse in Cardiology since 16/05/2018. She actively participates and is leading in different quality projects and other patient care initiatives of the unit. Now she is taking the lead of "Heart Failure" task force in the unit. She led Joy at Work project done in HH-HDUB in 2019, and this project shown a drastic improvement in staff satisfaction in the unit. It all started from distributing surveys to get the staff feedback and suggestion to improve their satisfaction. The unit adopted the Buddy System aiming to improve teamwork and helping hand amongst the team member during each shift. Primarily the idea is to arrange paired staff to assume responsibility and lend a hand to one another. In lieu of this, the culture of appreciation is intended to be encouraged hence the nomination of the Most Valuable Buddy is designed by the use of giving a "Smiley" to the staff who extended enormous help and efforts to their colleagues during the busy shifts or whenever it is intended. Another initiative from the Team is the inauguration of HDU-B's "Build, Build, Build" Project. An ambitious series of long-term team-building plan for our unit, guiding to Build Good Camaraderie, build a Better Team and Build the Best Unit that we can be. A post-program survey conducted to gauge the improvement on nurse's satisfaction rating and effectiveness of the course. Valuing staff's effort and involvement enhanced people's confidence, awareness, and sense of belongingness. This innovation is intended to foster a more conducive working environment which enables one's utmost potential to be unleashed. Overall, this positively affected team's unity, productivity, and performance. Her integrity, accountability and empathetic care has helped him to succeed as a team leader and in the projects as well. She has adorned herself with commitment, passion, and positivity to work towards organizational goals.

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