Dr. Sikandar Aftab MBBS, M.Sc.-QSHM, IA

Dr.Sikandar Aftab is the Head of Clinical Pathway & Audit at HHQI-HMC. He was Clinical Associate in the Department of General Surgery from 2007 to 2014. He is an educator with postgraduate diploma in Quality & Saftey Healthcare Management and is the program lead of Clinical Care Improvement Training Program (CCITP) at HHQI. He has decades of experience as a general surgeon and more than seven years as a leader of improvement. He has been a mentor coach in the CCITP for many years and facilitated completion of numerous Quality Improvement Projects. In addition, he is involved in HHQI-led Collaborative and learning sessions. Dr.Sikandar Aftab is mainly interesed in coaching,mentoring and teaching activities across healthcare system. He is also responsible for faculty development and building staff capacity and capability at national level to ensure quality and safe delivery of care to patients.He is actively involved in doing presentations on clinical quality and safety and has a particular interest in meeting healthcare frontlines to discuss and implement improvement initiatives.  

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