Shabina Khan

I am a consultant working in General Pediatrics in both in-patient and out-patient settings at Dept of Pediatrics at HGH including the covid-19 pediatric team. I have been working in HMC since 2007 and completed my residency and fellowship here at HMC and acquired my MRCPCH (UK) in 2016. I am an Assistant Professor in Clinical Pediatrics for the College of Medicine Qatar University. My interest in quality began with the IHI-HMC collaboration back in 2012, since then, I have initiated and lead several QI projects in my department. I am one of the key members of the QPS pediatric committee within the Dept of Pediatrics at HGH and a member of the QPS- HGH hospital-based committee. I also initiated and lead the ongoing professional physician evaluation (0PPE) for the Dept of Pediatrics across different pediatric units across HMC. I have also mentored and support nurses, residents and fellow colleagues in QI projects within the Department. I have a keen interest in clinical research and have several publications.

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