Mr. Nasser Al Naimi

Deputy Chief of Quality, Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement and Director, Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute Hamad Medical Corporation

Mr. Nasser Al Naimi leads the Hamad Medical Corporation’s ambitious agenda for Patient Experience.

In his capacity of Deputy Chief of Quality for the Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement (CPESE); he has successfully designed, led, and delivered various strategic and operational programs for HMC and the State of Qatar at large.

His contribution to HMC’s improvement journey has blossomed over the last 25 years, and in recognition of his ongoing commitment toward healthcare quality improvement, he has been chosen to spearhead the Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute and deliver the vision to establish Qatar’s very own Healthcare Quality Improvement Institute.

Nasser has played an important role as a founding member of the Center for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) team that developed the concept of change and improvement vehicle within the corporation. He was appointed as the Executive Director for the Center for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) in 2008 and led a team of experts in system transformation and service improvement. Prior to leading CHI, he has held number of key strategic positions within HMC.

For the past 5 years as Deputy Chief of Quality for CPESE, Nasser works closely with leaders and staff across HMC to implement a system wide performance improvement strategy that supports the active involvement of patients and their families. In this position, he successfully introduced Person-Centered care best practices to improve the delivery of care and enhance patient and family experience in HMC.

Nasser’s expertise come from health systems across the world and has applied these learnings to design and service improvements across HMC. Nasser has complemented his extensive improvement knowledge with an EMBA from the University of Plymouth UK.

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