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Ms.Mona Nasr Mohamed

Head Nurse
Private Nursing Services

Ms. Mona graduated BSN from Ain shams University, and MSc in Health Care Management from Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland. She joined HMC in April 2003, as a staff nurse in Day Care and A/E, in 2008 she worked as a case manager in HGH, who facilitate and support in patient's discharge plan along with the MTD. In 2015, she has been promoted to Head Nurse in PNS to join new experience in community health care. In addition, she is privilege to be a member of great team to start the Person Center Care Journey in Private Nursing service as a Person Center Care Specialist, honored with Gold certification of Excellence in Person-Centered Care in December 2020. She is certified as a person- centered care fellows from Planetree international. Adding to her current position, she is a member of the Quarantine task force overseeing all operational activities in Quarantine facilities, Afghan project, in her role as an operational manager for Covid-19 facilities (Quarantine and Isolation).

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