Mrs. Fatima Mustafa

Assistant Director Pediatric Rehabilitation, Hamad Medical Corporation

Mrs. Fatima is a Key member of the leadership and governance team of the Pediatric Rehabilitation and Developmental Services in HMC. She progressed in her career in HMC since 1999 and took several clinical and managerial posts. Currently and in her capacity she is leading a team of enthusiastic, experienced therapists and other professionals providing exceptional care that impacts children’s with disability lives every day , she is passionate about family centered care and outcome driven.
Mrs. Fatima is actively involved in the service development and improvement activities of the HMC -Child development Center and Pediatric Rehabilitation services and programs; the aim is to provide strategic and operational directions, the development and implementation of a new model of care.

Ms. Fatima was a key member in the HMC – Sick Kids partnership; she was a core member of the task force and working committees in relation to Therapy services, overall model of care and Almaha Center Planning. Furthermore, Ms. Fatima at the moment is a key member in HMC – Sidra Medicine collaboration.
On a national level, Ms. Fatima is a member of the National health and wellbeing of persons with disabilities task force and the National Autism core group. Moreover she is a member of the national clinical guideline development group for the Autism management guideline and the early detection, diagnosis and management of the early childhood disabilities.

Ms. Fatima was a key member of the HMC team who modified the current health facility licensing standards by adding New Special Needs Licensing Standards and Measurable Elements for Autism Spectrum Disorders Service Providers as part of the national health facility licensing and accreditation program. She is a member of the MOPH peer review pole for the Private special needs facilities inspection and validation in Qatar.

Lastly, Ms. Fatima has contributed to a number of national Arabic and English newspaper articles in order increase awareness about disability, encouraged community support and explains the available services and support for children with special needs and their families in Hamad Medical Corporation HMC
Mrs. Fatima Mustafa is an Occupational Therapist from Jordan (specialist registration UK), undergone several clinical training and certified courses in Occupational Therapy, Quality improvement, leadership and management.

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