Eman Khamis Elkaragi BSN RN

Eman Khamis Elkaragi BSN RN, started her career in Hamad Medical Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), a world-class health care organization in Qatar, as a staff nurse in Cardiology from 25/07/2010 and got promoted to charge Nurse in 2018. She actively participates and is leading in different quality projects and other patient care initiatives of the Corporation. She attended Fundamentals of Quality Program in 2019.Now she is taking the lead of "What Matters to You", patient experience part of Value Improvement Program (VIP), which was piloted in HDU-B in collaboration with Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) for the first time in Qatar. She received coaching from Heart Hospital quality coach and IHI coaches to sharpen her skills in leading the said project. The project that she led have shown a drastic improvement in patient satisfaction in the unit. It all started from distributing surveys to get the patient feedback and suggestion then coordinated to the respected health care worker involved to meet the patient needs. The project also joined the poster making in "Qatar Patient Safety week" and was selected to be presented in the event in 2018, then conducted an event in the unit called " What Matters To You Day" ,which involved all heart hospital units  in which posters and  brochures was created to inform  all healthcare workers who are involve in patients care to be aware of what was happening in the unit, and another brochure for the patient for them to understand what was the project all about. The event was successful to share the experience and showcase the success earned in terms of patient satisfaction with our heart hospital multidisciplinary team, patients, and family members. She led 'what matters to you?' team, and many Test of changes were implemented, and gradually patient satisfaction improved to its desired level. Her integrity, accountability and empathetic care has helped her to succeed as a team leader and in the projects as well. She has adorned herself with commitment passion, and positivity to work towards organizational goals.

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