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Ayat Khalifa 

Ms. Ayat Khalifa, Assistant Lecturer, Alexandria University, Egypt. I obtained master’s degree in nursing administration and many Diploma degrees in; (Occupational health and Safety, Project Management, Risk management, Health Studies, Human Resources). I also certified as Clinical microsystem Coach, International Auditor and surveyor, and Quality improvement facilitator with significant 17 years’ experience in healthcare and quality sector field. I worked during my career journey as Senior risk manager, Head of risk management and patient safety, Project manager, Medical manager, OHS specialist and quality and patient safety officer. I participated as a member in risk management committee, Quality improvement and patient safety committee, and patient and family education committee. I proudly participated in several national and international projects; Review Qatar National Strategy 2018-2022, participate in reviewing and developing policies related to risk management and patient safety in HMC. Moreover I participate in the design and delivery of Quality standard for education from the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation in Alexandria university, and JCI for HMC accreditation program. 

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