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Dr. Abdullah Al Ansari

Acting Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland Medical School. He was trained in U. K and Qatar in the field of urology, but has worked in other specialties such as trauma and orthopedics before choosing his specialization in Urology. 

Dr. Abdulla Al- Ansari became the head of the Urology Section in 2004. During his tenure, the department of Urology made big leaps forward in improving the quality of our service. Part of these accomplishments included a reduction in waiting times, technological advancements in addition to enhancing research and publications. This greatly improved the status of urology as a successful and high performing specialty. 

In 2008, Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari became the Assistant to the Chairman of Surgery and in the same year, he was promoted to Chairman of Surgery. He took full charge of all 12 surgical specialties across the five hospitals of the corporation. Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari is a strong believer in sub-specialization and the benefits it delivers to patient care. During his tenure there has been emphasis placed on sub-specialization in surgery and this is being gradually achieved (e.g. Breast Surgery, Colorectal, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Acute Care and Hepatobiliary Surgery etc.) 

Furthermore, Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari became an Associate Professor of Clinical Urology in Weill Cornel Medical School in Qatar and he is a Director in QSTP for Robotic Surgery. Dr. Abdulla Al- Ansari is a Pioneer of Robotic Surgery in Qatar and it was through his dedication and perseverance that Robotic Surgery is now a procedure in State of Qatar. 

Dr. Al- Ansari is very passionate about health service in Qatar, and has an ambition for HMC in Qatar to be the best health system internationally. He miraculously does not allow his duties to take him away from patients and research. He continues his research in the form of publications and conducting animal labs and workshops and conferences. His special interests include teaching younger surgeons and mentoring them in their training.

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