Testimonials from the 2013 Middle East Forum


Mohamad - Doctor

“As someone who is passionate about improvement, I thought it was the best conference I have attended for facilities and subject matter”.

Ahmed - Physician
Saudi Arabia

“Excellent efforts by IHI and Hamad Medical Corporation – we had first-rate presentations from knowledgeable experts and the venue was also perfect for the conference. I hope you will do this again next year as it supports my quality improvement goals”.


“I believe the speakers were excellent and overall I would say it was very informative and helpful”.

Sayeda - Staff Nurse
Hamad General Hospital

“I found the Symposium very beneficial. We learned a lot about quality improvement through cases coming from international hospitals like Memorial Hospital.”

Jincy - Nurse
Primary Health Care Corporation

“I found the sessions very interesting and useful. They have introduced new prospects to leadership and diabetes care. This was very important for me as I encounter many diabetes patients on a daily basis in the health center. We got to learn about diabetes care programs from other parts of the world and about new techniques of how to work with diabetes patients that we weren’t aware of before.”

Maisoun Maraka - Assistant Director of Dietetics
Al Wakra Hospital

“The Conference introduced new concepts to us about quality and opened new opportunities for us. I believe if we work on implementing these new concepts for quality improvement and improve our services, we can reach international standards in the near future.”

IHI Faculty:

Donald M. Berwick - President Emeritus and Senior Fellow
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

“The conference contributes two important things; it contributes optimism and energy. Individuals who did not realize that they can be part of a movement for improvement have now discovered each other and had a chance to talk. This can boost their confidence and energy for improvement. They will also learn a lot from this conference and from each other about new ideas for improvement; I can see this coming as a great festival of learning.”

Kedar Mate - MD, Vice President
Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

“The way Qatar is growing and changing opens a great opportunity for innovation and change in the healthcare system. I think the possibilities for a system-wide transformation in healthcare are tremendous here and provide an incredible opportunity for teaching the rest of the world some new interesting lessons about how to transform health systems.”

Alide Chase - Sr. Vice President
Medical Clinical Operations, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (KFHP)

“Every single person I met here, especially at the poster exhibition, had a story to tell; their passion came through, the problem they were trying to solve and the way they were thinking about it. The thing that impressed me the most was the openness of these people who were presenting their work, asking for feedback and asking me questions like “what else should I be thinking about?” “Do you think I’m approaching this in the right way?”

To access the presentations from the 2013 event you can visit last year’s conference website: