Committee and Speakers

Dr. Mohammed Hammoudeh

Dr. Mohammed Hammoudeh is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar and Senior Consultant in Rheumatology at Hamad Medical Corporation In Qatar

Dr. Hammoudeh joined Hamad Medical Corporation in June 1982 as a Consultant in Internal Medicine and as a Rheumatologist. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1980, Rheumatology in 1982, and Health Care Quality Certification Board in 2000. He held the position of chief of Rheumatology Division from 1982-2012, Director of Internal Medicine Training Program from 1983-2003, Chairman of Internal Medicine, Medical Director, Director of Quality Management, and President of Pan Arab Rheumatology Society from 2006-2008. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Qatar Medical Journal from 1998-2017.

Presently he is chairman of IRB of HMC since April 2017.

Dr. Hammoudeh has published 96 publications in local, regional, and international journals. He was also awarded the Best Researcher at Hamad Medical Corporation in 2014 and Best Research Team at Hamad Medical Corporation in 2016.