​Symposium on Vascular Surgery and Medicine

September 28, 2019, Saturday, 7am to 5pm. 
Hajar Auditorium, Education Center, HMC

Objective: The objective of this symposium is to enhance the exposure of allied health and private physicians to common conditions and pathway management in Vascular Surgery as well as Vascular Medicine since the field of vascular medicine is not known in our region and will also expose audience to HMC facilities and what we can provide.

7am to 8am

Registration and Breakfast







8am to 8.10am

Welcome Remarks

Dr. Hassan Al Thani

8.10am to 8.50am

Vasculitis and Vasculopathy

Dr. Mohammed Hammoudeh

Dr. Hassan Al Thani

8.50am to 9.20am

Arterial Tortuosity syndrome

Dr Muhammad Faiyaz-Ul-Haque

Dr. Hassan Al Thani

9.20am to 10am

Thermal therapy for venous diseases

Dr. Hassan Al Thani

Dr. Amr Fares

10am to 10.30am

Imaging in Venous Diseases

Dr. Abdul Salim Kiliyani

Dr. Amr Fares

10.30am to 11am

CT and MR Angiography of Vascular Diseases

Prof. Ahmed Mahfouz

Dr. Amr Fares

11am to 11.30am

Revascularization Options

Dr. Amr Fares

Dr. Mohamed Musbah

11.30am to 11.50am

Vascular Injuries in Libya

Dr. Mohamed Musbah

Dr. Ayman El-Menyar

11.50am to 12.40pm

Lunch Break

12.40pm to 1.20pm

Risk factors in PVD

Prof. Dimitri Mikhailidis

Dr. Ayman El-Menyar

1.20pm to 1.50pm

Perioperative Anesthetic Challenges in Vascular Surgery

Dr. Mohamed Nagui El Masry

Dr. Bianca Wahlen

1.50pm to 2.20pm

Aortic Diseases in Childbearing Age Women

Dr. Hassan Al-Thani

Dr. Mohamed Musbah

 2.20pm to 2.50pm

Up-to-date Medications in PAD and DVT

Ahmed Abdelaziz Bahey

Dr. Ahmed Sadek

2.50pm to 3.10pm




3.10pm to 3.25pm

PAD Registry in Qatar

Dr. Ahmed Sadek

Dr. Ahmed Hussein

3.25pm to 3.45pm

Lymphatic Disease Registry in Qatar

Sumaiya Sobani

Dr. Ahmed Hussein

3.34pm to 4.35pm

Cardiovascular and Immunological Responses following Trauma Hemorrhage and Traumatic Brain injury and Their modulations.

Prof. Irshad Chaudry

Dr. Ayman El-Menyar

4.35pm to 5.45pm

How to Write a Paper

Prof. Dimitri Mikhailidis