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The Surgical Endocrine Symposium series is organized by the Department of Surgery at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), in collaboration with the Qatar Surgical Society, with the aim of delivering focused training to physicians and nurses in this specialized field of surgery.
The first symposium, scheduled on 6 October 2017, is titled “Adrenal Gland” – it will highlight the latest adrenal pathology diagnostic approaches and therapies.
Adrenal pathology is uncommon and consequently, patients often suffer from delayed diagnosis and from insufficient follow-up. To improve patient care and outcomes, multi-disciplinary efforts are clearly needed.
The planning committee has developed an exciting program that includes presentations, panel discussions based on clinical case scenarios and recent research and clinical advances.
Presenters include specialists from multiple medical disciplines who are involved in the care of patients with adrenal pathology, including endocrinologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, anesthetists, as well as cardiology and radiation and medical oncologists.
Part of the program will include a panel of experts who will discuss select adrenal patient cases that address recurring questions and highlight common management issues regarding this disease. 
We invite physicians, especially surgeons, and nurses and allied health professionals, particularly those working in surgery or who are involved in related research, to attend this very targeted educational event.
We look forward to welcoming all those who have a particular interest in this topic, to register for this event, and the future symposia we are organizing.
Best wishes
Dr. Hassan Al Thani
Head of Trauma and Vascular Surgery, HMC
Surgical Endocrine Symposia Chair

N.B. please save the dates of future surgical endocrine symposia:

28 September 2018
Surgical Endocrine Symposium “Thyroid Glands”

1 March 2019
Surgical Endocrine Symposium “Pancreatic Glands”
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