​The Trauma System Approach to Mass Casualty Events: Best Practice and Evidence

Traumatic injuries suffered in the course of mass gatherings are a reality that all healthcare providers must be prepared for in the 21st century. From sporting events, religious festivals, political rallies to terrorist or military attacks; each may be unique in terms of causation and consequences. They do however share basic commonalities and implementing a systematic response to them is a challenge for even the most mature and experienced trauma systems and acute care providers. 

This symposium is designed for the busy emergency and acute care provider who will benefit from insights and knowledge delivered by an experienced, world-class faculty that will deliver an evidence-based review of proven approaches and best practices that must be applied during mass casualty events. Lessons learned from real-world experiences will be discussed and shared and participants will learn how to implement practical and proven approaches in the face of multiple injuries suffered in a variety of different mass gatherings.

The symposium shall discuss the following topics: 
  • pre-hospital approaches, 
  • on scene environmental control and patient triage, 
  • ED site and patient management, 
  • hospital activation, 
  • operating room management, 
  • ICU resource optimization, 
  • communications with media and families, and 
  • staff allocation and debriefing