Learning Objectives

QIGGVC will bring together local, regional and international experts to share ideas, lessons learned and the latest innovations to enrich their knowledge in the care of older persons.

The conference will provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based information on relevant geriatric issues and topics for healthcare practitioners involved in the care of older adults in Qatar. 

  • To describe physiological changes associated with ageing
  • To define frailty, theories behind frailty and its impact
  • To describe principles of advanced care planning
  • To describe common causes, risk factors and management of delirium
  • To identify older adults with polypharmacy and describe its effect in older adults
  • To describe assessment and management of pressure ulcers in older adults
  • To describe components of comprehensive geriatric assessment in older adults
  • To demonstrate structured falls assessment (Includes assessment of Dizziness)
  • To review common ethical dilemmas in older adults and be able to propose the management plans systematically
  • To describe causes, risk factors and management of depression
  • To identify different causes and risk factors and management of immobility, falls and osteoporosis
  • To define malnutrition and describe common causes, risk factors, evaluation and management of malnutrition
  • To describe the role of prevention, rehabilitation and long-term care in older adults
  • To describe neurodegenerative & neurocognitive disorders
  • Liaison geriatrics for surgical and medical specialties