Conference Overview

The conference, which features experts presenting on critical issues that focus on five aspects related to the field of ageing, including the following conference topics for abstract submissions:

1. Advanced care plan and patient dignity
2. Dementia
3. Frailty and co-morbidities
4. Early rehabilitation and preventing de-conditioning
5. Promoting Wellbeing 

Aspect 1: Advanced care plan and patient dignity
Advance care plans provide direction to healthcare professionals when a person is not in a position to make and/or communicate their own healthcare choices. Mere fact that modern physicians are far more likely to be able to influence the course of the illness in a particular way does not mean that the patients necessarily want to accept their suggestions. Enabling and respecting patient decisions [such as their right to opt for trading longevity for quality of life and vice versa], when the patient is mentally capable of making such a decision, is a necessity in modern health care system.

Aspect 2: Dementia 
Dementia is an overall term that describes a group of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking and reasoning skills that can impact a person's ability to perform everyday activities. 

Aspect 3: Frailty and co morbidities
Frailty is a common geriatric syndrome that embodies an elevated risk of catastrophic declines in health and function among older adults. It is often linked with potential progression of chronic diseases, however, it can often be managed with a holistic approach including appropriate medical, physical and social intervention.

Aspect 4: Early rehabilitation and preventing patient de-conditioning
The increasing evidence advocates for the benefit on early hospital rehabilitation regardless of the medical conditions. This is particularly important in older adult populations whose overall health often improves with appropriate physical, cognitive and psychological stimulation. 

Aspect 5: Promoting overall wellbeing 
Personal, community and state change influence each other in multiple way and they are part of a web, a web of wellbeing. A change in one affect the others; an improvement in one enhances another. Individual wellbeing promotion and preservation are in many aspects and this theme will covers some them.