Reasons to Attend

  • This is the first conference in the Arab world that focuses on geriatric care and the field of gerontology and will be an important platform to facilitate informed dialogue on how to deliver better care to an ageing population.

  • The conference will be accredited as a category 1 learning event by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) and is endorsed by Qatar’s  Ministry of Public Health 

  • The program is organized in collaboration with the British Geriatrics Society (BGS)

  • The conference offers a platform to discuss and review evidence-based ways to enhance services for older adults and how best to collaborate with other well-known services in this field. 

  • The scope is broad and fascinating, with something for every healthcare professional.

  • Whether you are a clinicians, allied health professionals, healthcare administrators, academics and researchers interested in gerontology - it is important to learn more about how to deliver better care to our elderly population.

  • University students aspiring to work in healthcare will also find this conference interesting.

  • Attend interesting sessions, network with hundreds of other healthcare professionals and join the increasingly important conversation on geriatric care.