Message from the Conference Chairperson

Dear colleagues,  

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my great pleasure to invite you to attend Qatar’s first International Geriatric and Gerontology Conference - 2019 (QIGGC), which will be held in Doha during October 31 - November 2nd, 2019. 

This is the first time that a conference, focusing on the care and care challenges of older adults, is held in the region. It is a reflection of the growing realization and need for geriatric medicine, which is still an emerging field in the region. This conference offers a unique opportunity for spreading geriatric expertise and experience in Qatar and beyond.

The conference is organized by the Geriatric department of Hamad Medical Corporation, which has expanded its services in Qatar to better deliver older adult care, tailored to their needs at a pivotal stage in their life. We are delighted that the British Geriatrics Society are collaborating with us in this venture, as their specialist expertise in the wide range of healthcare needs of older people is a wonderful contribution to our efforts of raising the standards of related care, locally and internationally.

The conference offers a platform to discuss and review evidence-based ways to enhance services for older adults and how best to collaborate with other well-known services in this field. The scope is broad and fascinating, with something for everybody - clinicians, allied health professionals, healthcare administrators, academics and researchers interested in gerontology - and we believe that university students aspiring to work in healthcare will also find this interesting.

The opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking among multi-disciplinary healthcare professional teams is a wonderful boost to our to aim to improving the quality of services for this often vulnerable population group.

Your active participation will help to make this conference successful - I look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Hanadi Khamis Al Hamad MD, CABIM, MSC in Health Care Management 
FACP Chairperson of Geriatrics and Long Term Care Department at Hamad Medical Corporation
NHS-2 National Lead for Healthy Ageing for the Qatar Ministry of Public Health
Focal Point for Elderly in the State of Qatar