Message from British Geriatrics Society


The British Geriatrics Society tries to promote developments in Geriatric Medicine across the globe and is therefore very happy to collaborate in this first Qatar International Geriatrics and Gerontology Conference in Doha. The fact that people are living longer is something to be celebrated. This demographic trend does mean however that chronic conditions such as frailty, dementia, sarcopenia, reduced mobility and falls are becoming more prevalent and how we deal with such issues  will become one of the greatest challenges of our time. Experienced speakers from both the UK and more locally in the Middle East will be contributing to the comprehensive programme. The themes include the important topics of dementia, frailty, comorbidities, promoting well-being, preventing deconditioning, advanced care planning and patient dignity. Evidence based developments will be presented  and there will be a healthy balance between science and practical management of patients which will cater for a wide audience including doctors and health care professionals. Examples of good service developments and the positive changes they have made in different regions will be presented so that delegates can learn from the previous experience of others. The conference will also be an excellent opportunity for young clinicians and researchers to learn from others and present their research and service developments. The ultimate aim of the congress is to improve the care of our older patients by improving education to those who provide healthcare.

Professor Tahir Masud
President of the British Geriatrics Society