Conference Aim & Objectives

This two-day conference aims to discuss and update the practice-based and patient-centered evidence strategies for state-of-the-art spinal rehabilitation with the best possible patient experience and satisfaction. 

Learning Objectives 

The CPD program aims that the attendees will be able to achieve the following learning objectives by the end of the conference 

  • Introduce and discuss the theme ‘Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters’ 
  • Explain and debate on ‘Shared Decision Making’ in spinal rehabilitation practice 
  • Exploring a patient-centered approach to healthcare communication 
  • Explain the process of Integration of a clinical framework in the assessment and management of Low back pain in Qatar 
  • Analyze and demonstrate the role of the thoracolumbar fascia and low back pain 
  • Discuss and demonstrate the anatomical configuration of the lumbopelvic region and in back pain with a cadaveric model 
  • Elaborate and debate on the atypical presentations of spine-related dysfunctions, including inflammatory spinal diseases and their management options 
  • Introduce and discuss the new theme ‘Practice-Based Evidence in Spinal care’ and the role of clinical reasoning in goal-oriented rehabilitation 
  • Explain & discuss the contemporary neuroscience of pain, pain assessment, and education in spinal care 
  • Elaborate and debate on cervicogenic headache the emerging evidence and practice integrations 
  • Confer on the Differentiating pathways of Spinal pathologies from hip and groin pathologies 
  • Explore the role of technology and recent advances in chronic pain management 
  • Discuss the use and challenges of Spinal Imaging in nonspecific spinal conditions 
  • Address and discuss the need for ‘patient-centered care based on real case scenarios 
  • Demonstrate and analyze the fascial dysfunction and its role in spinal dysfunction through diagnostic ultrasound 
  • Discuss the recent trend and research opportunities in the diagnosis and management of the pain of spinal origin