The scientific planning committee has reviewed all disclosed financial relationships of speakers, moderators, facilitators, and/or authors in advance of this CPD activity and has implemented procedures to manage any potential or real conflicts of interest.


  1. Innovation in Person-Centered Care Practice
  2. Compassion – Empathy in Action
  3. Partnership and Co-designing Care


  1. Elevate understanding of leading person-centered cared practices.
  2. Examine innovative technologies improving healthcare delivery and experience.
  3. Explore practical approaches to prioritizing person-centeredness and co-design.
  4. Review new approaches to care delivery that prioritize humanized care
  5. Formulate new, innovative, and person-centered ideas to elevate person-centered care and transform culture.


  1. Gain actionable skills to improve Person-Centered Care programs and practices.
  2. Acquire skills to show empathy through words, actions, and behaviors.
  3. Understand innovative technologies, and the skills to integrate these into your person-centered care practices.
  4. Develop skill and strategies to support empathy, compassion, and person-centered practices to transform your organizational culture.
  5. Emerge with transformative approaches to co-designing care with patients, care-partners, and communities.