1. Beyond the Care Setting: Promoting Healthy Communities

The future of healthcare is not contained within traditional care settings. Communities are part of the health system and have a vital contribution to make to improving health and wellbeing, along with individual-level approaches to health and care.

A deeper understanding of social determinants on overall health and widespread adoption of care delivery models designed to fit better into peoples’ lives has the potential to radically shift the role of hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Organizations that prevail in this new paradigm adopts a more holistic, health promoting, and home & community-based approach to meet the evolving needs of their community.

Sessions in this track will share strategies and solutions for looking beyond the walls of the care setting to build healthier communities.

2. Sharing is Caring: Growth, Inspiration, Innovation, and beyond

ns in this track will share their discovery of tools, practices and lessons learned from exemplary Person-Centered care organizations across the continuum of care to meet the full range of patient, family, staff and community needs and preferences in ways that adapt to today’s current realities and make a measurable difference.

3. Scoring Goals in 2022

This forum will examine transformational strategies and practical tactics for embedding Person-Centered principles into care delivery and organizational systems in ways that address our current realities and position us for a strong future.

Sessions in this track are designed to help attendees become more effective and successful champions of Person-Centered care that embrace Fresh ideas, Inspiration, Focus, and Achievement of Person-Centered care goals.