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Christine Porath

Delivering practical insight backed by years of research collected from workplaces across the world, author and professor Christine Porath is the authority businesses turn to when they seek guidance into how to foster a civil and positive organizational culture by promoting the respect, inclusion, and well-being of all.

In a recent survey, 95% of respondents believed that we have a civility problem, and 70% believed incivility has reached crisis proportions. Incivility impacts productivity, hijacks focus, and creates stressful environments. It leads to an unpleasant work environment and organizational instability. It even affects customer, client, and stakeholder relations. And on a greater scale, it can lead to huge costs to the economy. Ultimately incivility cuts the bottom line.

Author and professor Christine Porath shows how you can enhance your influence and effectiveness with simple acts of civility. Based on research that pulls from the experiences of tens of thousands of people across six continents in nearly every industry and type of organization, from startups and Fortune 500 giants to non-profits and government agencies, Porath reveals the power that respect and inclusion has to improve our lives.

Porath, the leading authority on workplace incivility, will show what you can do right now to improve your workplace’s culture. She highlights how people can take little actions to be more effective and influential.
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