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Allison Perry, MA

Project Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Allison Perry, MA, Project Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), previously served as a Director for the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) from 2005 until 2017, when the Foundation merged with IHI. Ms. Perry holds a masters in Cultural Anthropology and is a graduate of the AHA-NPF Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship.  Ms. Perry’s extensive patient safety work has included the creation, management and oversight of numerous IHI/NPSF publications, patient safety seminars and educational material. She developed and led the first NPSF Learning and Simulation Center and has facilitated the integration of simulation into educational programs across NPSF and now IHI. She has played a pivotal role in advancing collaboration between the fields of patient safety and simulation and is a regular speaker at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare. Additionally, Ms. Perry is Chair of the Patient Safety and Simulation Collaborative, an affinity group of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Her passion lies in creating meaningful learning experiences that apply safety and quality improvement knowledge and tools to improve health care. Ms. Perry is now the Director of the IHI Fellowship Program, a program designed to develop health care leaders in quality and safety worldwide.
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