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Sonia Sliman Bounouh

Operation Manager for Quality Improvement & Training, Ambulance Service

Mrs. Bounouh has been working for HMC Ambulance Service group since 2001 and during this time she continued to hold positions of increasing responsibilities. She has a unique diverse experience in the pre-hospital healthcare management as she stepped up from a Clinical Practitioner to a Clinical Instructor in 2006 then to Operation Manager for Quality Improvement and training in 2012.
Sonia has always taken her different roles very seriously and is passionate about her department's results. Beyond her passion on Quality performance and training, Sonia has virtuous skills in disaster management and Planning/response to Major Incidents and she covers Bronze/Silver on-call roster for tactical and operation responses.  
She was the project manager of Implementing the Accreditation Center of Excellence (ACE) standards and for achieving the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch accreditation award for the 1st time in 2014 and for the re-accreditation in 2017.
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