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Dr. Sadriya Al-Kohji

MOPH, NHS National Lead for Healthy Children and Adolescents

Dr. Sadriya Al-Kohji, BSc, MD, ABCM, and Community Medicine Consultant is a graduate of the Arabia Gulf University Medical School. She trained at the Hamad General Hospital (HMC) and the community medicine program at PHCC.
Dr Al-Kohji has been responsible for child and adolescent services at PHCC since 2009, during which time she has developed screening services for various health problems among children and adolescent, established clinical guidelines for common health problems and conducted workshops for the capacity development of health center care providers. 

She began autism spectrum disorder screening among children in Qatar in 2012 and later assumed the national lead for national autism screening. She became a member of national working group for autism spectrum disorder in 2015 and leading autism spectrum disorder the working group at PHCC since 2017 .She developed the Child Health Notebook, a patient-held comprehensive record of all important health information related to the child, used at governmental hospitals and health centers which has been launched by MOPH at national level including private birth facilities. Dr Al-Kohji has ensured various international best practices are adopted at PHCC, most notably the WHO growth charts to plot children’s growth measurement as a national requirement and the WHO Infant and Young Child Feeding practices. 

 She has several activities in field of research, on the topics of breastfeeding (2012, 2013), cold chain (2015), iron deficiency anemia among infants (2015), Professional Breastfeeding Counseling and Support: the Interpretation, contribution and limits by Health Care Providers in the Primary Health care Centers in the State of Qatar(2012) in collaboration with Calgary University (QF), Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia and their associated risk factors in infants aged 12 months, well-baby clinics at primary health care centers, Qatar 2014, Toddler & Infant Red Flags screening checklist validation, in collaboration with Department of Psychological Sciences College of Education,Qatar Universiyy ,2015/16 (under progress) Young Adults with ASD: Health Needs Assessment and Pathways to Care(under progress) and Epidemiology of Iron Deficiency among Adolescents (10-19) years old, in State of Qatar 2018(under progress) .

She participated with St. Michael’s hospital in the training the child and adolescent health staff at the health centers. Most recently, Dr Al-Kohji developed and introduced an adolescent-friendly service at PHC health centers in collaboration with key national stakeholders. She has been leading the Child and Adolescent national primary health care strategy-working group since 2013 and became national lead for healthy children and adolescent national health strategy 2018-2022.
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