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Dr. Reem Alsulaiman

Senior consultant psychiatrist

Dr. Reem Alsulaiman is a board certified cancer genetic counselor and adjunct assistant professor working at the National Centre of Cancer Care and Research at HMC managing patients and their families who are at increased risk for a hereditary predisposition to cancer. Dr. Reem is a core member of the cancer genetics program, and core member of the breast and gastrointestinal multidisciplinary teams.
Dr Reem has gained her Bachelor degree of science in Cancer Biology and Immunology, school of medicine at Bristol University in the United Kingdom followed by Masters of Science in Cancer Therapeutics at Queen Mary University of London. She then became interested in the field of clinical genetics and got her clinical training and fellowship in genetic counselling from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and was trained in prenatal, pediatrics and adult genetics and Cytogenetics with a great focus on cancer genetics as her main area of interest. Dr. Reem then gained the American board of genetic counselling and became the first Qatari national board certified genetic counselor in the country.

Dr. Reem was trained in multiple prestigious institutions in the USA including Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York Presbyterian and Columbia Medical Centre in New York. Later, Dr. Reem received her PhD in cancer counselling and psychotherapy from Regents College in London and her research honored as one of the 100 breakthroughs in the UK.
Dr. Reem has multiple publications in the field of pediatrics and adult clinical and cancer genetics as well as in cancer psychotherapy in relation to mental wellbeing and quality of life.
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