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Dr. Juliet Ibrahim

Director of e-Health Department, MOPH

Dr. Juliet Ibrahim is currently working in the Ministry of Public Health, as Acting Director of eHealth.  She has worked in Qatar’s government health care system for more than 10 years, leading and working in areas related to planning, strategy and policy at the ministry level, including leading the development of the National Health Strategy 2011-2016, and National Health Strategy 2018-2022. 

She has also worked within the primary health care system, including the development of clinical effectiveness programs and implementation of clinical information systems. 

She is a Family Physician by background, having received her family medicine training at Georgetown University in Washington DC, where she practiced medicine in an urban underserved area, after-which she obtained her Fellowship in Health Center Director Development, and Post-graduate certificate in Health Systems Administration, leading to her work in Qatar’s public sector in health administration. 
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