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Prof. Deborah White

Dean and CEO, University of Calgary Qatar

I have been in the role of Dean and CEO at the University of Calgary –Qatar. I was the Associate Dean of Research at the University of Calgary in Alberta prior to coming to Qatar. I have held leadership positions both in health and education. I have an extensive clinical background and over 30 years in nursing education. More recently, I attended the Harvard Kennedy School to take a leadership decision making course in the Harvard Executive Education Program.

My program of research in patient safety and quality of care focuses on workforce development teaching and learning and work environment and organizational practices. I have secured over 2 million dollars as a principal investigator and 10 million as a co investigator. My current research includes: a 5 year comparative analysis and evaluation of Strategic Clinical Networks in Alberta and a comparative study of traditional maternity care and single room maternity care and the associated system, and maternal and infant outcomes. I have expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods and analysis, and knowledge translation. 
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