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Afrah Moosa Saleh Ali

Assistant Director of Nursing, Primary Health Care Corporation

The Assistant Director of Nursing at Primary Health Care Corporation. A nurse by profession with direct clinical background in primary and secondary care and a registered Midwife with considerable experience in Labor room. Holding a Master’s of Science in Nursing from the Faculty of Nursing at Calgary University, Alberta, Canada with a focus on caring in nursing and the quality of life for diabetic patients. Has Adjunct Appointment as a member of the faculty of Nursing in Qatar at the rank of Adjunct Clinical Associate and actively contribute to the mission of the Faculty of Nursing through co-supervising graduate students and assist in clinical mentoring. The first Qatari nurse who received the President Award of Excellent and Leadership from Calgary University-Canada in 2010. One of the Founding members of the University of Calgary Qatar Student Nurses’ Association in Qatar. Hold some leadership responsibilities and was a former Manager for School Health Services and Program. A Former member of the National Health Strategy 2017-2022. A Former member of the National School Mental Health Strategy and a Former member of the National Health Promoting Schools 

A National trainer by the WHO for the EMRO WHO School mental health Package. Current research focuses on the area of supporting student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 
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