Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will join this year’s international activities to mark the 10th World Kidney Day on 10 March 2016. HMC will be organizing a series of events aimed at raising awareness of kidney health issues and how to prevent kidney disease.

The global theme for 2016 is Kidney Disease and Children and for this reason HMC is organizing a series of events aimed at getting children and their parents involved in fun, educational activities to highlight kidney health.

Kidney disorders affect a large number of people around the world and also in Qatar. Kidney disease can affect people of any age, gender and race. Importantly, the early stages of kidney disease often display no symptoms, meaning it can be very difficult to correctly diagnose in the early stages. For this reason it is essential that people live healthy lifestyles in order to reduce their risk of developing kidney disease.

As the main provider of specialized healthcare services in Qatar, HMC has an important role to play in looking after the health of Qatar’s population. This year’s World Kidney Day activities demonstrate HMC’s commitment to promoting health in the community.

Between 6 to 11 March HMC’s clinical and support staff are organizing events at schools, HMC hospitals and in popular public locations to spread the key messages of World Kidney Day to the public.
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