Main committee scientific and planning committee


Ms. Asmaa Mosa
DON  Trauma Services

  1. Dr. Sandro Rizoli
    Senior Consultant, Surgery, Medical Director Trauma.
  2. Dr. Ayman Ahmed El Menyar
    Consultant, Trauma surgery.
  3. Mr. Tawfiq A.Elraoush
    DON Corporate Critical Care and Trauma Service
  4. Mr. Emad El Moamani
    Nurse Educator, Critical Care and Trauma Service
  5. Mr. Karim Attallah
    Nurse Educator, Trauma Services.
  6. Ms. Heba Shehada
    Head Nurse, Trauma Intensive Care Unit
  7. Mr. Amer Abu Al Joud
    Head Nurse, Trauma Surgery Unit
  8. Mr. Bahaa Dawoud
    Head Nurse, Trauma Resuscitation Unit
  9. Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud
    Head Nurse Trauma Stepdown Unit.
  10. Dr. Gustav Frans Strandvik
    Senior Consultant, Surgery.
  11. Ms. Jain Vargheese
    A/Clinical Instructor, Trauma Surgical Unit
  12. Ms. Eman Mohamed
    A/ Clinical Instructor, Trauma Resuscitation Unit
  13. Ms. Julie Bijo
    A/ Clinical Instructor, Trauma Intensive Care Unit