Dear all

This is a call for abstract and poster submissions to the First Trauma Nursing Symposium between 5 - 18 Nov 2019.

All abstracts or posters will be considered for publication in the Journal of Emergency, Trauma and Acute Care (JEMTAC) by a selection committee.

Guidelines for the submission, which must contain:
  1. the name of all authors
  2. for the presenting author: please add mobile number and e-mail 
  3. for the corresponding author (if different from presenter): please add mobile number and e-mail
  4. title of the submission = maximum 25 words
  5. the abstract (text): maximum 300 words, Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions
  6. maximum of 5 references may be added
  7. maximum 1 figure (or table) may be added 
  8. declare any conflict of interest (applicable to all authors)
  9. statement that: “I accept the abstract or poster to be published in JEMTAC if selected by a review committee. All authors are aware and agree”
  10. the whole poster and abstract should not exceed the 500 words including the topic and references
Send the abstract to: Emad Al momani at ealmomani@hamad.qa