Dr. Gonzalo Alarcon

Dr, Gonzalo was born in Madrid where he graduated in Medicine with distinction (“Premio Extraordinario”) in 1984, and obtained a PhD from the Universidad Complutense. In 1987, he obtained a Fleming Award to carry out research on spinal processing of pain in the Department of Physiology of the University of Bristol (UK). He then specialised in Clinical Neurophysiology in the UK. Over the last 20 years, his clinical practice has included adults and children, and has focused on electroencephalography, presurgical assessment of epilepsy, telemetry, intracranial recordings and intra-operative electrocorticography. Such clinical practice has provided the basis for research on several aspects of epileptology at Imperial College, at Universidad Complutense and at King’s College Hospital, with particular interest in presurgical assessment of epilepsy and the mechanisms involved in the generation and propagation of human epileptiform discharges and seizures. Some of the research techniques developed by my group have translated into clinically useful tests (single pulse electrical stimulation, discharge latency analysis). In 1994, he was awarded the Gowers Prize (Young Physician) by the International League against Epilepsy (British Branch). He has run the MSc Course in Epilepsy since 1995 until 2015, and he is the lead editor of the Epilepsy volume of the Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Neurology (2009). He has led most research in epilepsy surgery and video monitoring at King’s College London over the last 20 years. He has over 200 publications in the field of EEG and epilepsy (including over 100 peer reviewed original research papers, reviews and editorials). He has been a Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology at King’s College Hospital from 1996 to 2015 and Reader at the Institute of Psychiatry from 2009 until 2015. In October 2015, He moved to Doha (Qatar) as a Senior Consultant Epileptologist for Hamad Medical Corporation. He has been a Professor of Neurology at Weill-Cornell Medical College since December 2017.