It is a great pleasure to announce the First Annual Qatar Hematology Symposium. This important event is organized by the Hematology Team at the National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR), a member of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar. HMC is considered as one of the leading healthcare organizations in the region. 

This year, the symposium will focus on lymphoid disorders on 6 and 7 April. 

The topics will be presented by an experienced regional and international faculty of speakers. It is aimed at all healthcare professionals who have interest in learning and / or sharing their experience in the field of lymphoid disorders.

The symposium aims to:
  • Enhance the knowledge of evidence based approaches.
  • Access the latest results on research.
  • Updated on diagnostic tools and risk assessment strategies.
  • Communicate, collaborate and network with audience.
There will be an opportunity for those attending to present work in both poster and presentation format.

Finally, we would like to welcome you all to this Hematology Symposium here in Qatar which I am sure will be an upstanding meeting with your participation and I wish you a wonderful stay and experience with us.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ibrahim Al Hijji
Chairman of the Annual Qatar Hematology Symposium

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