The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) was established by His Highness the Emir in 2005. The SCH’s role is to create a clear vision for the nation’s health direction, setting goals and objectives for the country, designing policies to achieve the vision, regulating the medical landscape, protecting the public’s health, setting the health research agenda, and monitoring and evaluating progress towards achieving those objectives.

The SCH is currently embarking on an ambitious program to enhance the wellness of the people of Qatar so that a vibrant, healthy and productive society can be established for today and for the future. The essence of that program, Caring for the Future, is encouraging healthy lifestyles, providing community-based primary care and ensuring that, when needed, some of the world’s most advanced and highest quality care is available in tertiary medical facilities.

The SCH promotes evidence-based policies that seek to improve the health and well-being of individuals and their families. It has the dual mandate to develop policies and programs to improve the population’s health with the goal of promoting longer and more productive lives, and laying the foundation for a vibrant country for decades to come. The SCH oversees public health programs related to the control of infectious diseases and coordinates with other agencies on environmental and public safety promotion. It is also responsible for ensuring that the nation is prepared for public health emergencies.