Ms. Shaikhah Mohsen Al-Keldi 
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Hamad Medical Corporation  
National Cancer Care Center and Research

Ms. Shaikhah is a clinical nurse specialist working with the palliative care team at the National Cancer Care Centre and Research (NCCCR) since 2018.  Ms. Shaikhah completed her master’s degree in nursing with honors from University of Calgary in Qatar in 2018.

Ms. Shaikhah completed her bachelor’s degree in Nursing with honors in 2016 from University of Calgary in Qatar. She earned the post-diploma Bachelor of Nursing Silver medallion. 

Ms. Shaikhah completed her high Diploma of nursing from High Institute of Nursing in 2006 and got training in various departments in Hamad Medical corporation for eight months. 

Ms. Shaikhah is an active core member of the Palliative Care Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and works closely in collaboration with the Palliative Care MDT and other medical teams to provide a high level of holistic individualized care to patients and their families through the cancer journey from diagnosis through to death if indicated.

Ms. Shaikhah  is an active member in many palliative care projects.