Objectives and Overview

The objectives of the Best of ASCO 2021 in Qatar are to offer participants the latest expert consensus thinking and the most relevant research findings for the treatment and management of common and rare cancers in Qatar.

Specifically, participants will:

Recognize the impact on outcomes from COVID 19 in cancer patients

  • Identify the latest research findings and recommended treatment options for patients with early and advanced breast cancer
  • Recognize the best treatment options for the treatment of ovarian cancer based on the most pertinent studies
  • Classify the best follow-up models for patients with endometrial cancers
  • Differentiate the appropriate treatment options for lung cancer between systemic, radiotherapy and surgical treatments
  • Differentiate based on the latest research findings between the various treatment options for tumors of the central nervous system
  • Recognize the benefits of geriatric assessment of patients with cancer
  • Identify how to minimize neurological complications in cancer treatments
  • Differentiate between treatment options benefits for gastro-intestinal cancers
  • Identify the best treatment options for patients with sarcoma and recognize the effect of treatment delays on outcomes
  • Identify the best treatment options for malignant melanoma
  • Identify the best treatment regimens for urological cancers
  • Compare the impact on cancer outcomes of different models of care and service funding