Dr. Rodney Sharkey
Professor of English 
Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar

Dr. Rodney Sharkey is a native of Dublin in Ireland where he studied literature at University College Dublin (B.A. and M.A.) and Trinity College (Ph.D.). He is a professor of English at WCM-Q and has been resident in Doha for thirteen years. 

His specialised fields of interest are in literature, critical theory, performance dynamics and the intersection of psychiatry and creativity.  He publishes regularly in journals such as The Journal of Beckett Studies, The James Joyce Studies Annual and Modern Culture. 

He has won a number of Excellence in Teaching awards while at WCM-Q and is the mentor for the WCM-Q Psyche Interest Group. He has delivered both WCM-Q Grand Rounds and Continuing Professional Development workshops on the role of the arts in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

He has also spoken at our International Psychiatry Conference in the past and his ideas about the role of the arts in mental health are timely and different.