Dr. Bindu Salim
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service,

Dr. Bindu Salim, a Doctorate in Psychology from ‘The School of Behavioral Science’, Mahatma Gandhi University, India having more than 22 years of experience in the field of Psychology.

She not only teaches psychology, an optional subject offered in no other Indian school around, but also counsels students and staff for their emotional and mental strengths. She is also instrumental in identifying and handling learning disability and behavioural cases and organizing workshops on the same.

Dr. Bindu is known for her excellence in clinical work. She is experienced in the area of individual and family psychotherapy for children and families with mental health issues.

Dr. Bindu is widely known across Qatar for her publications on the newsprint and social media especially in the awareness and empowerment of women and children, for their mental well-being.

 She has received several awards and recognition for her dedicated service and contribution to different communities in Qatar. She is also a passionate speaker, and active in the community radio program in Qatar.