Qatar Diabetes and Obesity Research Symposium

About the Symposium

Qatar Diabetes and Obesity Research Symposium is a flagship activity of the National Diabetes Strategy, 2016-2022, and intends to promote diabetes and obesity research in Qatar. The Symposium is part of the larger umbrella of activities designed to build the research ecosystem for implementation of National Diabetes Research Agenda locally. It is planned to be held annually to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among researchers in Qatar.

The Symposium intends to bring together experts and researchers from leading institutions to discuss their research interests. It will involve renowned local and international speakers who will present emerging research areas in the field of diabetes and obesity.

Learning Objectives

  • To facilitate scientific exchange, interactions, and collaborations at national level among researchers, scientists and partitioners.
  • To provide a platform for the researchers to collaborate for optimization of research resources.
  • To disseminate research findings and facilitate its translation into improvement of clinical care.


The Symposium will encompass both local and international speakers. Local speakers will participate from various institutions in Qatar who are engaged in diabetes and obesity research. Two keynote international speakers will also participate to share their experiences about diabetes and obesity research.

Target Audience

The Symposium targets

  • researchers,
  • healthcare practitioners,
  • medical professionals and

The Symposium is offered complimentarily to all participants of 6th Qatar Diabetes Endocrine and Metabolic Conference (QDEM-6), 2022.

Event Date

Sunday, 27th March 2022, 7.30am -1.45pm




The Symposium is a virtual event

About Organizers

The 2022 first annual Diabetes and Obesity Research Symposium is co-sponsored by the National Diabetes Strategy, Ministry of Public Health and the Qatar Metabolic Institute, HMC.

To access the:

  • Qatar National Diabetes Strategy, 2016-2022 pleaseclick here
  • Qatar Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Research Agenda pleaseclick here

Contact us:

Dr. Amit Mishra
Coordinator National Diabetes Strategy
Ministry of Public Health
Phone: +974 44070135