Why you should attend

  • Stigma is recognized as one of the most common barriers to accessing mental health care and hence can lead to delayed help-seeking and further mental health deterioration. 

  • At a global level, numerous campaigns fighting the stigma in mental health have yielded good outcomes. The symposium will showcase examples of these campaigns around the globe. 

  • Another important topic to be addressed this year is the role of the media in relation to mental health awareness; and how the media can both contribute towards enforcing and reducing the stigma of mental illness and thereby impact on the wellbeing of the individuals concerned. Initiatives of positive journalism in covering aspects relating to mental health care in Qatar will be explored.

  • The symposium will explore a number of initiatives in Qatar aiming at rehabilitating and reintegrating patients back into work, education and vocational training. 

  • The symposium will highlight the increasing awareness of mental health attributes among some Qatari Agencies operating outside the healthcare domain such as Qatar Red Crescent, Qatar Universities and NGO volunteering agencies. 

  • The involvement of these agencies with mentally ill patients will be presented and discussed.  

  • We will have international experts, including 

  • You can also hear from local experts from various organizations in Qatar who are collaborating to deliver better care and services to people with mental health challenges in the community.